Quote: Trying Too Hard

The fear of pleasing people is that when you don’t, you’ll somehow die or jump off the stairs or spontaneously explode. It feels like death. But if you think it through to the logical end, there isn’t some terrible consequence if you don’t make people happy. They shrug and move on. The sky doesn’t fall. Your world keeps going. It’s okay to say no. Those magnified fears are unfounded, and you are free to be the person that others would already be happy with if you weren’t trying so hard to please them.

— J.S

7 thoughts on “Quote: Trying Too Hard

  1. When we stop trying to be people-pleasers two things happen, 1) I gain self-respect, and 2) people treat me with greater respect (once the temper tantrum or whatever “change back” message they choose to use subsides!).

    Oh, and best of all, I regain control of my own life instead of being at the mercy of others!

    Thanks for the quote, J. S.!



  2. Thanks for the quote! I’m a recovering people-pleaser addict. 🙂 I first started to recover when I discovered the word “no” as not being a dirty word. Now, I fear I’ve gotten to good at telling people no. haha. Just kidding.


  3. When I first starting leading worship in the children’s ministry, I was scared to death that the kids would laugh at my mistakes and I would not survive the embarrassment. I have learned since then, that pleasing the children with a flawless worship is not the goal. Pleasing God with a sincere worship is the goal!

    Since then, I’ve found that things become easier if you know who it is you are trying to please! (Hint: not kids, or adults!)

    Great quote!


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