Question: Disagreeing With Your Accountability Partner

Anonymous asked:

How do you be an accountability partner to your brothers and sisters without pushing your own personal convictions on others? I’ve recently had this problem with friends pushing their convictions on me when I feel no conviction at all. I know they mean the best, but it’s getting to the points where I’m angry and upset at them and that’s where I’m feeling conviction because then I talk ill of them and I don’t want my bitterness to grow. How does someone handle a situation like this?

This is an excellent question, so let’s define what an accountability partner CAN do and can NOT do.

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Quote: Faith To Matter

I think that Jesus had in mind that we would not just be “believers”, but “participants”. Not because it’s hip, but because it’s accurate. He wanted people that got to the “do” part of faith; not because He wanted activity, but because He wanted our faith to matter to us.

— Bob Goff, from his blog