If You’re Not Good At Anything, That’s Okay (And It’s Not True Anyway)


I was watching a popular Korean talent show where they bring up these incredible performers and then proceed to encourage them and build them up for the next thirty minutes while the audience genuinely cheers them on.  It’s the opposite of an American reality show — but then I thought, not really.

While I love the idea here, there’s a second hidden language that is actually saying, “You have value because you’re talented.  We are cheering your ability.  We like what you can do.”  You can see the performers desperately vying for the approval of everyone watching, and I can imagine the lonely disappointment later in life when they keep trying to recreate that applause.

I know that no one gets on these shows by being lazy or eating chips on a couch, but it’s easy to think we are loved by the size of our talents.  It’s easy to become addicted to dancing on a stage for the thirty minutes of attention until the novelty wears off.

There are plenty of people who feel mediocre and subpar in their particular field, but they are just as treasured and prized by the God who created them for the simple reason of breathing them into existence. Maybe you don’t have a stage or a TV audience, but you certainly have just as much value to your Creator as the guy with the microphone. 

I think talent is wonderful, and I thank God for infusing us with so many interesting gifts, but your worth is not measured to the degree of your gifting in the eyes of a worldly system.  You are not on a metric scale that weighs your usefulness to society.  You do not earn God’s merit based on how the majority views you.  You are adored by a God who unconditionally accepts you as you are. 

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Quote: Release Self

If you’re making a judgment based on a false premise or a faulty paradigm, you are not only misinformed — you are perpetuating a lie. Do not tell the whole story based on half the story. You have no idea what this does to people, what it does to the fabric of our community. When you casually dismiss another human being based on small isolated thinking and halfway hearsay, you not only choke the growth of people: you destroy yourself in the process. Become the other person and consider their scars, their history, their inner turmoil. You do this for yourself everyday. Release selfishness and do it for the other.

— J

Loving The Unlovable Is Not Very Lovable


Hello beloved friends!

This is the first part of a new series called “Faith Struggle: The Messy Uphill Climb of Faith.”

The message is titled: Loving The Unlovable Is Not Lovable

Stream here or download directly here!  Save it for a car ride or listen before you sleep.


The Scripture is John 13:34. Some things I talk about are: Three Reasons why it’s so hard to love people, when pastors get road rage, why God has commands for sex and money, Jesus breaking Judas’s toe, and God ripping off the roof of your church.

Be blessed and love y’all!

— J