Question: So About Soulmates

Anonymous asked:

Hello! Do you believe in soul mates? Do we pick and choose who we want or does God have a way of placing a certain someone in our lives?


I say this with as much grace as possible, but my very short answer is 1) sort of and 2) both.

I do believe God has a plan and a blueprint and a vision for your life: but I also believe that if we fall off the tracks, God still has something else in mind.

Mathematically, the idea of a “soulmate” doesn’t work out. If you don’t end up with your soulmate, then they don’t end up with their soulmate, which means their soulmate’s soulmate doesn’t either, and so it goes for infinity.

But more than that, the idea of a soulmate can accidentally lead to a passive laziness as if a knight will bust in the room and rescue you from a tower. It can lead to a paralyzing fear if you target-lock on someone and lose them.  It can make us stop working on anything, thinking that marriage “completes you,” that the chemistry is enough to keep it working, that the person you’re looking for “accepts” you and is not interested in pushing you to your higher self in Christ — and I know none of that is your intention, but I’ve seen it happen so much that it’s worth mentioning.

I find that friendship is already extremely difficult work. I feel like I’ve known my best friends for longer than I have, and certainly there’s a comfort and openness and honesty with them that allows me to be totally screwy around them: but friendship, even the kind that feels like fate, requires hard work. It needs nutrition, sustenance, and caretaking, like everything else. Maybe “soul-mate-ness” brought us together, but it doesn’t keep thriving from it.

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Quote: Fill Them Up

I realize more and more that everyone is broken. We are all broken. We all crave attention from people. We all have issues with gossip. We all struggle with being honest. It surprises me that I’m surprised by this. I’m still surprised when I discover the cracks in people. But when we’re more aligned with God, we’re able to find those cracks and fill them up with love. We can’t ignore them and pretend that they’re not there. We can’t just put a bandage on them and think that it fixed the problem. But all we can do is just fill them up with God’s love.