Ten Thoughts About Calvinism

image leavealegacy asked:

Hey there sir, do you agree with Calvinism?

My short answer: Yes!

I’ve been known to pick on Calvinists a lot, but the truth is: I love my Calvinist brothers and sisters, and the best way to describe my own theology is Calvinism. I just no longer associate with them.

I was deeply entrenched in the Calvinist circles for quite a while, but I stopped identifying myself as a Reformed Calvinist many months ago.  At the time, I wrote some angry things about them, but really I was grieving at their overwhelmingly superior snobby attitude. 

It wasn’t just a few of them — it was the majority of the whole camp.  Nearly every pastor I have met says the same thing: “Calvinists?  Those guys are effing a-holes.”  I would laugh, but it actually breaks my heart.

Here are just a few quick thoughts about it, and I’ll leave it at that.  I’m aware I’ll be making some blanket statements here, but I’m also aware this does not include everyone nor am I demonizing anyone.  If anything, I am preaching to myself.

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