The Bible Is Not To Bludgeon.

Christians tend to eat their own.  Because when we have a vague half-formed awareness of the Bible, it becomes a shoddy justification to feed our bloodlust for self-righteousness.  We naturally default to using the Bible as a weapon instead of a mirror for our own repentance. 

Then really we have only traded the idol of violence for the idol of religion, and there has been no true surgical transplant by the love of Christ.  At that point we’re only doing Christianese things around God but not with Him nor for Him.  It’s like a soldier turning to his fellow man and stabbing him with a bayonet while pledging allegiance to the general.  This soldier might be many things — religious, moral, effective, gifted — but he is most certainly not a Christian.  The Christian is in the business of healing his brother and sister, because he knows Jesus died for them too.

It’s worth celebrating when we get it right and encourage our family towards better.  It’s a wonderful thing when we stand side-by-side in the battle as brothers ready to die for each other.  A church is my shoulder against yours, Jesus at the helm.

— J.S.

3 thoughts on “The Bible Is Not To Bludgeon.

  1. I really like your comment: “We naturally default to using the Bible as a weapon instead of a mirror for our own repentance. ” It happens way too much everywhere.
    In all religions it is taught that first “Know Thyself”. The connection with God happens on the inside, it happens when we are born again in the spirit as Jesus told us.
    Everyone around us teaches us something about ourselves and the Holy Scriptures give us guidance to understand ourselves.
    When we awaken in the Love of God than we are truly working with Him. In this oneness we start seeing others with the Love of God. Then we will be there for them not to bash them over their heads with the Holy Scriptures but to comfort them with the essence of the very same.


    1. Yes. It’s a long arduous journey to get there. We always default to morality, whether the “secular” or “religious” kind, because we’re a self-measuring people who use others for a reference point of how good we are. Repentance is tough, but necessary.


      1. Yes, so true. Pointing the fingers to others always comes out of a need to point out how good we are. The saddest part is that nowadays people lost their faith in religions because it seemed that instead of bringing out the best in humankind it brought out the worst so many times. Instead of transforming into a better self people over the centuries were busy to torture and kill others in the name of God with an amount of self-righteousness that was astounding. And unfortunately, so many judge God by his followers.
        I think your post touches deep problems of all religions today and we all need to take a deeper look inside. Jesus was the greatest example for all of us with his power of caring, humility and forgiveness.


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