What The Church Won’t Talk About

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Alex Koo

What the Church Won't Talk About

It is becoming increasingly evident that the rising generation is a generation becoming quickly disillusioned with the Church. As society presses harder for tolerance and progression, it is no surprise that the Church has taken to arms in the fight for truth, over matters such as gender, sexuality, and politics, among other issues. And while we Christians are boldly taking a needed stand for our biblical convictions, as whole our tone has become unmistakably defensive, corrective, and at times, downright judgmental.

Heap that on top of the Church’s perennial love affair with moralism and you have the recipe for a church of well-intentioned, but graceless Christians.

J. S. Park, or may I call him Joon, recognizes and speaks winsomely to this issue with pastoral care and wisdom, offering his transparency and experiences to his readers. He recognizes the importance of truth but also the imperative that it be spoken in love. Candid, comical, and…

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Your Current Slice of Life.

Please do not determine the course of your life based on what you think is possible today.

You might feel like you’re stuck in a rut or circling a doubt or anchored to a feeling: but the thing is, I would never put it past God to uppercut your life. He can, does, and will. When God is in the equation, mountains get moved and any kind of heart in any condition can surprise itself.

We can’t really claim that your current slice of life right now is how you will always feel. Don’t take a tiny percentage of your journey as a reflection of the whole thing. Please be open to the possibility that God will do anything He wants through you.

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