Invisible Hope – Surviving and Thriving off God’s Love

Three anonymous questions:

– How do you believe in the hope Christ gives us, the hope that His work isn’t finished, etc. ? I find it so hard to believe in this hope – I end up trying to pound it into my head & heart because I want to believe this so badly but it never works.

– Is it really possible to survive on God’s love alone? I mean, we also need money and other necessities… I don’t understand when people say “His love is all I need.” I guess I don’t find the concept of His love that comforting anymore, which definitely says something about my heart.

– Hi Pastor Park, I just wanted to ask you one question (I doubt I’d stick to one tho): HOW DO YOU KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON? I mean the obvious answer to that is continually clinging on to Christ but what is it that drives you? I keep coming back and running away and I’m tired. I’m tired of this vicious cycle that has started to eat me up. I feel that I can’t let go of certain things. I can for a moment or for days but only for a short period of time. Help.

Hey dear friends: To be very truthful, I don’t think I’m the most qualified person to answer this.  I personally struggle a lot with understanding God’s love and making that real in my own walk, and even when I can preach it enough to move others, I frequently pour out more than I’m fully grasping.  And I’ve said before that I’m a skeptical Christian, some days just barely hanging on.

But please allow me the grace to offer a few thoughts on this to consider.  Please feel free to skip around.

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Quote: Haven

I think spiritual experiences are great — so long as they’re not isolated to a room with like-minded believers.

I think serving the poor and broken and needy is great — so long as we’re not doing it for validation or vanity.

When Christ is the center, we will become all we are meant to be: a hospital for the sick, a haven for the holy, and the hands and feet of healing for a broken down busted up world.

— J.S.