Question: So About Tithing

Anonymous asked:

I would like to ask for guidance regarding the doctrine of tithing. I have heard some arguments that it is really not a command or something like that. But in church, we are taught about how we are to give a tenth of our income to God. I am somewhat confused and would like to know more. Thank you and God bless you more and more.

Great question, and I also know that most of us won’t see eye to eye on this one.

I’m with Francis Chan and Mark Driscoll in that I personally do not believe we are biblically required to tithe ten percent of our income to the church.

Here’s why:

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Quote: Congregation

“Congregation is composed of people, who, upon entering a church, leave behind what people on the street name or call them. A church can never be reduced to a place where goods and services are exchanged. It must never be a place where a person is labeled. It can never be a place where gossip is perpetuated. Before anything else, it is a place where a person is named and greeted, whether implicitly or explicitly, in Jesus’s name. A place where dignity is conferred.”

— Eugene Peterson