Question: Reconnecting After Betrayal

 Anonymous asked (edited for length):

I’ve been helping a former friend who had contacted me recently, but I feel really conflicted and on guard all the time because she broke my trust a long time ago … When I finally came around to forgiving her, God told me in a prayer that night, “I was the kind of person she needed.” She reached out to me in an email & confessed to me her problems. I realize that she is making an effort to change her life around, but at times, I feel like it’s too much for me to handle. You’ve mentioned before that we’re a lot to deal with. I know I’m a lot to deal with too & I know this hesitation with helping her is me being afraid of getting hurt by her again. I sincerely want her to grow, but I am often hindered by the fear of being betrayed.

Hey dear friend: I really applaud you for your kindness and I can tell you sincerely want to help your friend.  If you’re going to follow through, I’ll suggest some guidelines here that might draw some safe boundaries while also maximizing how you can help.

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