Question: Wrong For Christians To Drink Alcohol?

Anonymous asked:

Hi, sorry if this is a ridiculous question but, is it wrong to drink? I’ve been a christian since born, and I’ve been drinking for more than half of my life. I thought it was ok since everyone in my family did, even some church leaders goes to drink with me once in a while, but then I came across gal 5:19-23 and… I feel so wrong. I mean it’s not like I ever get drunk I know my limits but just… 😐 thank you.

My friend, it is not wrong to drink alcohol.  Galatians 5:19-23 was not written for that, either.  It mentions “drunkenness,” but Apostle Paul wasn’t sitting there thinking, “I’m totally going to poop on those dang college kids.”

But please allow me the grace to pick our brains on this.  Feel free to skip around.

1) I’m sure you’ve already heard that “Drinking is okay, but drunkenness is bad.”  This is biblically true. Drinking in itself is not wrong, nor is it some spiritual parameter to measure your own faith-grade.

I just think most people don’t know how to drink-in-moderation.  Even if you were the smartest guy in the world, the entire lifestyle wrapped around drinking is “Let’s get wasted.”  Those sort of environments, while not necessarily wrong, can easily lead to unpredictable situations where some drunk dude shoots you or you’re puking blood in your friend’s laundry hamper (both of which I’ve seen happen).  I don’t mean to fear-monger or something, but I’ve seen drinking go wrong in so many different ways that did NOT have to do with drunkenness, but rather the atmosphere it created.

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Quote: No Other

“No other story or religion dares to suggest that God became flesh and walked among us, in the sense that he felt suffering himself. No other religion or philosophy suggests a God who cares so personally and deeply that He would cry out like Jesus did in the Garden of Gethsemane: ‘This is not what I want. Can you take it away from me?’ Well that’s a prayer for somebody who’s trying to get through a tough time. And so we have a God presented in the Bible who understands us, who went through what we’re going through, and when we say ‘I can’t get through this,’ he understands that, and he can give personal and immediate help.”

— Max Lucado