Question: “I’m Not Ready To Serve God”

Anonymous asked: (Edited)

My church likes to do mission trips with the teens ministry … Ive had such struggles with faith, and depression lately, I don’t know how I can go and tell others about how good God is when, because of my stupid lack of faith, I haven’t seen Him in my life in a really long time … I need help.

Hey my dear friend.  I totally understand you on this one and I only got love for you.  I’ve probably heard similar statements millions of times, so let’s break this down.

Essentially what you’re saying is: “I’m not ready to serve God because I’m not ready to serve God.”

Besides the fact that this is a circular logic fail — do you know who else feels this way?

Pretty much everyone.

And it is a lie straight from the devil’s mouth.

If we all waited until we felt “qualified” to serve God, then we’d all be benched on the sidelines until we meet Jesus in our underwear.

So we’re not falling for that.

The truth is: No one is ever ready to serve God, and that’s exactly the point.  God qualifies those He calls before we ever do a single thing.  No job history, no application, no references, no experience — just our availability to say, “Here am I, send me.”

The entire Bible is a catalog of unqualified people who were chosen by God, because God is often in the habit of working through broken beat-up busted-down vessels for His Glory.  He’s always doing things like that.  As if to say, “This right here is a God-thing, and it cannot be no other thing.”  Check out 1 Samuel 16:7 or Deuteronomy 7:7-9.  Essentially God says, “I didn’t pick you because you’re awesome.  It’s because I’m awesome.”

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