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It’s about seven gut-checks before presenting.

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Question: How To Do Discipleship

Anonymous asked (edited for length):

Hello. I’d like you to know that I really like how you answer people’s questions … You are such a blessing, pastor. Also, I want to ask how to disciple. I don’t really know how, but I’m willing. Thank you in advance.


Thank you for your very kind words, and also for your willingness to step it up and make disciples.

With questions like these, it’s easy to start with “How To” — but I think we need to answer Why. 

I mean if you asked me about marriage, I don’t want to start immediately with “Five Keys For A Happy Home-Life.”  That might work on the surface, but if we know Why: then we can really dig into the purposeful heart of our actions and it can be sustainable.

Please feel free to skip around, and add anything you like.  Discipleship is so much more than I could write in this post, but probably not much less.

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