Everyone Knows Better: Only One Knows Best


When you’re about to make a tough decision:
everyone else will have a vision for your life.

Your parents, who love you but are living through you.
Your best friend, who has selfish motives and secret agendas.
Your other friends, who don’t think about you during the day.  
The culture, which aims at your wallet.  
Some pop song, written by a guy in a 3000 dollar chair.  
A movie, which holds you in a spell like a drunken stupor.  
Even you, who can so easily deceive yourself with promises you keep breaking.

Don’t trust it.  Don’t trust some articulate well-spun wisdom.  Don’t trust that blogger.  Don’t trust me.  They might say good things, when it’s really dressed-up advice made to sound good so you would call them wise, and they’re not even following it themselves.

There is only One Voice who knows you better than you know you.  He is not selfish, and He does think about you during the day, always.  His chair is a throne, but His feet touched the earth.  He means what He says.  He followed His word down to the letter and bled.

Get with Him, because He made you and He has your best interests at heart.  Shut out everything else.  As best you know how, clear the cobwebs and hear His soft whisper and follow Him.  He can be trusted.  You will know it’s Him because it’ll probably be the last thing you wanted to do, but the one thing you always knew was true.  

It is a harder path: but it’s the joy you’ve been waiting for.


The Lord makes firm the steps
of the one who delights in him;
though he may stumble, he will not fall,
for the Lord upholds him with his hand.

— Psalm 37:23-24

— J.S.