Be Honest, Be Free

I know not everyone will agree, but:

I think the Christian world, more than anything, tends to push out honesty. It’s not your fault, really. We want to look like the tribe, affirm our position, embrace the language, conform to duty. No one wants crazy and it’s a “bad witness” to be messy, so we wear the angel face. And you might be accepted that way: but at the high cost of your soul.

For God’s sake, be honest. Be your slobbery gross vulnerable weak squishy self. Don’t have it all together to please some invisible moral bar. Dress how you want in church. Wear the black lipstick and the gauge earrings and the fedora hat. Don’t hide your tattoos. Don’t hide your scars. Say what’s on your mind. Say you’re not okay. Say you’re angry. Say you want change. Say the awkward truth, when it helps and when it hurts. Be so happy you can’t control your body. Not everyone will like it — but really, who cares? Who freaking cares? When did the Bible say “Care more about what others think than what God thinks”? Be honest. Be free. Do not let anyone crush you out of you. So long as you honor God with your honesty, it is the most dignified way to honor others. The you that God wants you to be is the you that you always wanted.

— J.S.

Quote: Squeezed

“We were created in such a way that music erupts from us when we are squeezed. Whether it is a violent wringing or love’s embrace, song drips out. So sing with all your might. Paint with fury. Write words noisy with color. Dance. Dance until we can see your soul. Let remembering squeeze you, then go get a bucket to catch the drippings.”

— David Crowder

Question: Let’s Blame Religion For Everything


I was writing an essay for class when I stumbled upon information about Hitler. I found out that he was very much into Christianity and he was a strong believer which led him to do the things that were horrible but he used God as his support. He did things which the Christians in the bible did yet 100% of the people in the world can say that he was wrong and sinful. But then to refute this, Hitler could say God vs. world (people). How does one know if they are for God or against?


This is such an awesome nerdy question that my theology-antenna is doing cartwheels.

At first glance it seems this argument holds up well —

If there was no such thing as religion, we wouldn’t have so many wars and genocide and killings and bad things!

And of course, according to Godwin’s Law, someone must always bring in Hitler or Nazis into an argument.  The moment you bring in Hitler or Nazis to make your case, you’ve gone off the deep end into hyperbolic excess.

No self-respecting irreligious person would even argue this anymore.  There are too many cases where religion has done good and where the absence of religion has gone horribly wrong — so it’s a really weak argument that my former atheist self would’ve avoided altogether.  It’s much too randomized to make any correlation.

But I do understand your concern.  The Bible has been used (wrongly) to support slavery, chauvinism, imperial oppression, genocide, witch hunts, and just about any horrible thing you want.  If you were really determined, you could also make the Bible support homosexuality, incest, and abortion.

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