Jeremiah 29:11, The Most Misquoted Verse of Scripture: God Has A Plan To Put You Through Fire

Hello lovely wonderful friends!

This is a message from the podcast on one of the most misquoted verses of the Bible.  The message is titled: God Has A Plan To Put You Through Fire.

It’s about how God is actually preparing us with resolve for the dry desert seasons of life.

Stream here or download here!

Some things I talk about are: Finding Jesus for three easy payments of $9.99, the mathematical impossibility of soulmates, the surprising difficulty of planning for a wedding, fighting against our natural inclination to fight against God, how martial arts teaches us about reacting to the trials of life, and how every Unresolved Tension will meet Happily Ever After.

Here are other messages from the podcast.

Be blessed and love y’all!

— J

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