Question: Truths and Myths About Healing

lovedbythecreator asked:

How do you let God heal you?

Hey there my wonderful friend.  Before I even answer with a whole lot of functional details, may I just say: if you’re going through anything right now, I’m really sorry and I got crazy love for you.  Here’s a prayer even as I’m writing this, and after too.

The thing about healing is that it hurts, sometimes even worse than the original wound.  Most people think healing is just a “matter of time” or “don’t bring it up,” and while that’s partially true, it also involves an active confrontation with yourself to get where you want to be.  When a bone breaks, you set it.  When you get scraped, you use peroxide or alcohol.  When you get bruised up, you endure an ice pack.  I don’t mean to take the metaphor too far: but if you only allow “time to heal,” then you could end up with a mangled bone or an infection.

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