Question: Am I Too Far & Too Late With God?

lionheartedgiirl asked:

Is there a point where we’ve pushed the line too far with God? I often get caught up in verses like Hebrews 6:4-6 or the ones about blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. I’m trying to return to Christ but I keep messing up and I’m scared the one day I’ll push God too far

Hey my dear friend, please let me tell you the truth right up front —

The very fact that you even messaged me about this shows that it bothers you enough to care, and if you care even a tiny little bit about your relationship with God, you’re in a much better place than you think.  And even if you didn’t care at all, God doesn’t suddenly pull the lever to the trap door to hell.

I promise that I’m not trying to promote a lazy or lukewarm faith.  Certainly God cares that we’re true to Him, that we pursue Him, that we want what He wants.  But God also knows we’re fragile fallen squishy human beings, and at times we fail to live up to what we were made for, which is the very exact reason that Jesus had to die for us, and was glad to die for us.

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