In From The Cold

I want to be one of those restaurant owners who gladly welcomes patrons in five minutes before closing time.

I know that sounds like a stupid romantic thing to say. And when I was a busboy, I used to hate it when people did that. But really.

Because first of all: I’m running a business and I’m there to make money, and if I can’t commit to my hours of operation, then I shouldn’t even own the place.

But mostly because: I know what it’s like to get off work late and look around for a place to eat. It’s not that I had so much money to eat out, but I just wanted to be around people who were not demanding work stuff from me for eight hours before I go home to an empty apartment. This sometimes means that I’m looking for a restaurant at the last minute, and I already feel bad that I’m making the place stay open, and I’m just hoping some smiling face would welcome me in and let me unwind from the whole day. I’m hoping someone would let me come in from the cold.

I want to be the guy who serves that guy.

— J

God Is A God of Wrath, Justice, and Holiness: Because He Loves Us.

Hello beloved friends!

This is a message about Heaven, Hell, and the Wrath of God.  It was a tough one.  The message is titled: God Is A God of Wrath, Justice, and Holiness: Because He Loves Us.

Honestly, I love being the voice of encouragement, but I find it extremely difficult to talk about the hard parts of the Bible.  Because I want people to like me.  But the most loving thing I can do is tell the whole truth even when it hurts.  At times my voice is shaking and it was uncomfortable for both me and my church.  I can only hope I balanced both truth and grace.

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Be blessed and love y’all …!

— J