Question: How Do I Know What To Preach?

Anonymous asked:

Hi pastor! Next month is devotion month at my church, but the problem is I have no idea what to do. Maybe the problem is that I want to do some kind of devotion where it will change me… so I guess in a selfish kind of way. But I really just want to glorify God and somehow be a testimony to the youth in my church. If the Lord wills it that is. Thank you once again and hope you can stir up some ideas or something!


Hey that’s so awesome, my friend.  I’m sure no matter what you share, as long as it’s of your own conviction by the Spirit: it will be a huge blessing.  So hey, your idea about a devotion to change you is a totally legit way to go.  Double high-five on that, and it’s not selfish at all.

You know, I think this is one of those things where if I say too much, it might change your entire message and you’ll simply just be listening to my “do’s” and “don’ts.” So you really don’t have to read beyond this point, especially if you think you’ll be too influenced into conforming.

I’m not an expert on any of this.  I had a 19 year old college student share his personal convictions with my youth group last week, and wow, we were blown away.  I was nodding along and saying “amen” every few minutes.  And since I personally knew him, I knew he wasn’t faking it.  He was only sharing what was true to his heart from the reality of God’s Word.  So I’m very glad that I didn’t coach him on how to speak, or it would’ve been way worse.

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