I Signed a Book Deal

Hey friends! I’m excited to announce that a few months ago, I signed a book deal with Moody Publishers. I’ll be under their imprint Northfield Publishing, which also publishes the bestseller The Five Love Languages.

My book will be called The Voices We Carry: Finding Your One True Voice in a World of Clamor and Noise. I talk about wrestling with different voices including self-doubt, people-pleasing, trauma, grief, and family dynamics, and finding your voice amidst mixed messages. The book is also memoir-ish and goes through my journey as a hospital chaplain, my strange Asian-American upbringing, and constantly questioning if I’m wearing pants right now.

Along with my wife, parents, and brother, I’ve dedicated the book to my dear friend John Edgerton, who passed away a couple months ago.

I recently met the Moody Team in Chicago and they’re a fantastic, spectacular, and absolutely dedicated group of people. (I also got them to do the wow face.) I felt truly loved and heard. While they work with hundreds, even thousands of people, they spoke with me as if I was their one and only client. It’s not something you can fake. I really appreciate their push towards diversity and that they’ve given me the freedom to write with my whole self, no holding back, with the ugliest parts of my story. They championed and advocated for authenticity the whole way. I’m glad to be partnering with Moody and I can’t wait for you to read the book.

The release date is May of 2020, just nine months away. Be on the lookout for a launch campaign, for podcast and radio interviews, and for free content.

God bless, friends, and much love to each of you. Thank you for being a part of the journey here.
— J.S.

8 thoughts on “I Signed a Book Deal

  1. Wow! That’s so awesome, bro. I’m
    proud of you. Your writing is definitely excellent! Congratulations!! Lmk if you need a review or are planning to do an early launch team I could be part of! Can’t wait to read your wisdom! ❤️🌟👏🏻


  2. Dude, that is flipping awesome! Go get em and knock the socks off of them (even while they do the wow face)..

    JS, I pray that you get how special, chosen, and called you are. The CREATOR of this whole planet (and solar systems), He KNOWS who JS Parks is… and your CREATOR JS said… “Time for my son JS to begin reaping from his labors. My love for him wins and my heart rejoices that even in the struggle my son wins.”

    JS and wife and family, may God bless your endeavors and may He give you all the right words and may this be sooooooo super easy. Prayers for you. jS.


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