Persuasion vs. Presence.

If your friend is going through some horrible pain right now at the hands of another person, it’s not our job to explain this within the box of our theology. That’s a harsh thing to do. Jesus never did this: he only wept when he heard of Lazarus, he wept over Jerusalem, he stayed at the homes of lepers and demoniacs, he fed the hungry multitudes.

More than our persuasion, our friends need our presence. This is what God did when He became one of us, and this is how we embody love — by mourning when others mourn, by giving space to grieve, and by allowing joy to find its place at the right time.

— J.S. from What The Church Won’t Talk About

8 thoughts on “Persuasion vs. Presence.

  1. Hello dear J,
    I am about ready to cry after reading this. Really and truly. It hits home after I have been alone for a month after a terrible concussion -except for my husband, who is away most of the day at work. But a friend who is not a Christian recently said to me, “I’ll come over and read a book. Just being in your presence is enough.” Yes. And, I must say, from the other side of the coin, I’m glad you wrote this because I Am the one who always goes and just stands by or whatever feeling like I am in the way. Guess I’m not so much of a dork after all.
    🙂 m and josephina ballerina (the cat)

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    1. Hey Maureen, thank you for sharing with such honesty. I’ve been there too. I remember once asking a friend to stay on the phone with me and that they didn’t have to talk, they could just be there while I did laundry and other things. As weird as it was, even the very sound of another human just breathing was enough to get me by.
      I’m praying for you today!

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  2. Ah, yes – the ego. People want to look smart, feel they’ve “done” something right to fix another person and, bottom line, look important. Bring on the humility that just stays present so that GOD can work. God blessed me with learning that. The first funeral I did I had no idea what to do, so I went to the visitation and just sat there, basically speechless. The funeral director said she had never seen a pastor do that before. I felt useless, but, more so, powerless. After all was done and said the family thanked me for being there. For a long time I couldn’t get why they thanked me for doing “nothing”. Then it was clear to me. Thanks be to God.


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