Trust That.

Trust that God is working something in you now, something you can’t imagine, a miracle beyond proportion. Look beyond circumstances, long nights, broken trophies, mental arguments, the swirl of gossip, the false self-talk that you’ve rehearsed over and over. Leave yesterday where it belongs. Don’t cave in to what has happened to you. God says you are more than that — because you are His. As hard as it sounds: you are loved, you are treasured, you are written on the heart and mind of your Creator. Rejoice and revel in what He has done, is doing, will do.

— J.S.

8 thoughts on “Trust That.

  1. Wow! Now I know God is trying to tell me something. This is the third time today I will see a message like this! I’ve been really bothered these few days cos my life feels like its on a stand still. I choose to believe God is doing something! Thank you Mr Park


  2. JS, can’t quite believe I’ve just seen this. I’ve been struggling because my marriage ended last week. As you can imagine, I’m in pieces and God has felt very far away from this situation I find myself. Yet here is this post, written as though it was directed at me personally and understanding all the conversations, tears and upsets I have experienced in the last 7 days.
    I don’t know about revelling and rejoicing but this has encouraged. Thank you my friend. As always, you know how to speak to my soul when it needs it.
    Blessing to you, JS.


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