Freedom, Forward.

I know that problem feels unbeatable right now.  Where you want to be feels far away.  Your numbness is growing, your heart hardens, the chasm deepens.  You wonder why you keep trying, when it’ll pay off, when your steps forward will be more than the steps back.

Please don’t give up.

When it seems most difficult: the breakthrough is over the next hill.  The freedom from your old self is very, very near: and once you taste it, the effort will have been more than worth it.

Those who gave up were always just two breaths away.

Progress gets harder because you’re getting better.

Only look behind you to see how far you’ve traveled, to see the lessons learned and the laughter had.  Otherwise: eyes ahead.

Don’t give in now.  You’re further along than you think. And even in your stumbling: you are tasting the freedom of moving forward.