I’m Giving Half My Life Away

Update here on February 14th 2012.

I ended up picking a charity! Read about it here, from November 26th 2012.

An interview with the charity I donated to, here. I decided to help fight human trafficking.

How you can help to fight human trafficking with me.

Eugene Cho’s blog post about the donation, who is the head of One Day’s Wages, the charity I donated to.

God just spoke to me in the car. Rocked.

I decided I’m going to give away half of my paycheck and earnings to donations and charity for this year, or for life.

I make 22,200 per year minus taxes. For a youth pastor, that’s a lot. I’m sorry if that’s too candid. I did ask my church to lower my pay (they didn’t). But 1.4 billion people live on less than $1.25 per day. Which means I make fifty times more than most of my dying neighbors.

I’m disgustingly rich. Why do I need 1850 per month? For what exactly? “Better” food and clothes? A slightly comfier place? I feel sick.

I will give $925 every month to a legit cause, or divide it among many. That’s still not very much, but I know some will call me “radical” or a “show-off.” I don’t expect my church or friends or my rich family to understand. God told me, and that’s that.

I’m scared. I don’t even want to do this. I was planning on getting married in the next two years; I’ve been saving for a ring and a house. But I can’t die knowing I could have saved more lives. It’s that simple.


1) I will no longer buy food. Including Starbucks (ouch). I have faith God will provide. The church currently gives me half my meals every week. If I miss a meal, that’s more time to pray.

2) I’m walking to work (my church) when possible to save gas money.

3) No more new clothes, gadgets, or excess. I’ll be giving away some stuff for y’all.

4) I’m considering canceling health insurance and my gym membership.

5) I don’t pay rent currently because my church set me up with a house in the ghetto. I believe God will continually provide this way.

6) This is my conviction, so I will not press it on anyone else.

I need your prayers, friends. Please pray. Thank you.

Originally posted here on my Tumblr.

4 thoughts on “I’m Giving Half My Life Away

  1. when my husband and i were first married we went to a conference held at our church and felt to give a significant amount of money throughout the year, pleadged in an offering. this money was our baby money, the money we were planning on setting aside and saving each month for when we started a family. the day after the last payment was due, 12 months later, our son was born. and He provided everything we needed.

    If God is leading you, you can trust Him.

    good on ya for having the courage to step it up!


  2. Wow. I don’t ever put my faith in any man, but I’m becoming a fan of yours. I have so many unspoken concerns I pray about, and lately, “you expose me”. You’ll fit just fine through that ‘narrow gate’ my precious brother.


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