The Reversal of All That Is Wrong.

Here’s why I believe in Jesus.

Because at some point in human history, God became one of us and reversed the human condition. Just one place, at one time, in the dirtiest sand-swept stain of a city, He healed our entropy: and He invites us into that better story.

In the cross and resurrection: Jesus absorbed the cycle of human violence. He showed there was a better way than self-centered tyranny and retaliation. He paid the cost of sin on our behalf. He reversed the ultimate consequence of death from the first Garden by turning death backwards in a new Garden. He bestowed that same death-defeating power into those who believed his story. He identified with us by taking on all the harm of sin, though he never sinned himself. He promised us a union with Him by uniting us to the Spirit of God. He inaugurated a new kind of kingdom where the weak can win, the poor can succeed, and all our survival values are flipped into sacrifice.

Jesus redefined what it meant to be human by creating an upside-down kingdom where the humble will be elevated and the prideful would be melted by love.

He walked into the fragments and re-created the pieces. He doesn’t answer why bad things happen, but he gives us a love stronger than all that does.

J.S. Park


8 thoughts on “The Reversal of All That Is Wrong.

    1. Yes! A dear brother told me today that in ancient days, clay pots were fixed with melted gold, so that they became more valuable as they were broken. A great picture of God working through us.


  1. He absorbed the cycle of human violence. Every kind of violence. Even self violence – the horrendous depressive cycles I was too tired to fight, so I gave up and let the violence wash over me. I’ll be 60 soon, and for the first time in my long Christian walk, I’m finally beginning to get it. So I let your words, and rob bell’s words and john michael talbot’s words and brian hardin at the daily audio bible reading God’s words -i’m letting them wash over me like wondrous medicine. Thank you.


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