Jesus Welcomes the Worst of You.

Jesus welcomes doubts, questions, confusion, frustration, venting, and disbelief. He welcomes those who draw near and say, “I feel so far.”

If you haven’t talked to him in a while, he will not bite your head off.

His arms are always open. Jesus can handle your clenching of the teeth and shaking of the fist. What he does not want is for you to stay there.


Art from worshipgifs

2 thoughts on “Jesus Welcomes the Worst of You.

  1. Reblogged this on The Eagle Rider and commented:
    So I follow this guy because he says it how it is. He doesn’t always have the answers and he acknowledges that. He comes from a place of knowing the frailties of humanity yet also having evidenced the grace and love of God. This latest post says it simply and brilliantly. Enjoy and digest!


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