We Have a Daughter

We have a daughter: Alayna Ara Park. Born Friday afternoon on July 24th 2020 at 12:19pm, 7 lbs and 13 ounces. She’s super strong, very alert, and loves to eat. Thank you so much for your prayers, kind messages, and sharing your amazing stories. I love my daughter. I cannot stop looking at her.

— J.S.

10 thoughts on “We Have a Daughter

  1. Congratulations to the proud Papa and Mama. Alayna is bringing you much joy. Enjoy her, as you cherish her. Abundant blessings of wisdom, love, and laughter to you and your precious family!


  2. Even though it was 42 years ago when we first became parents that sense of wonder stays with me. May the God of peace grant you as a new family all you need along the journey.


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