Thank You, Friends

Here I am, super excited, in front of the publishing house in Chicago. I turned in the final draft of my book just a few weeks ago. The book will be out May 2020, and I seriously can’t wait for you to read it.

I’m thankful for all those who have helped to get me here. I’ll never get over it. I have realized over and over that no one can do this alone, and that no one is a main character unto themselves. I’ve been grateful to be in the shadow of wonderful leaders. I’m happy to be their support, sidekick, and cheerleader. I’m learning that the goal isn’t to be a hero of my own story, but to help you be the hero of yours. God bless and much love to each of you.
— J.S.

Turning Point.

Most testimonies have a turning point: “And then I met ___” or “Someone reached out” or “I got this text at the perfect time.” It seems random, but those people and encounters and messages of encouragement happened on purpose. Someone made a choice to reach out, get involved, get near another person’s heartache, and help them for one more step. It was enough to get them moving again. Maybe it was no big deal for the person who reached out. But to the person they helped, it meant everything. It was the turning point. It was the beginning of seeing new light, of finding a new dream, the start of healing. A little bit of your time and wisdom might turn someone’s life around. I’m thankful to those who pressed in and breathed life.