My Book Just Dropped In Price!

Hello wonderful friends! My book has just dropped in price to 8.99 on Amazon!

It’s called, What The Church Won’t Talk About: Real Questions From Real People About Raw, Gritty, Everyday Faith.

The Foreword is by the amazing T.B. LaBerge of tblaberge and the cover art is by my most excellent friend Rob Connelly.

I talk about a ton of things, including doubts, dry seasons, depression, relationships, porn addiction, trials, abortion, sexuality, social reform, family conflicts, and apologetics. If you’re blessed by the book, please consider writing a review on Amazon!

Love y’all and be blessed, dear friends!
– J.S.

Black Friday! My Books Are On Sale

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So I wrote some books. They’re on sale at Amazon for less than nine dollars and the e-books are four!

What The Church Won’t Talk About

The Christianese Dating Culture

Be blessed and love y’all!

– J.S.

Blessed by your response and grateful for each of you!

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For Your Holiday Reading


Hello dear wonderful friends!

So I wrote some books. I want to graciously ask if you’ve been blessed by the books (or if you hated them!) and if you have some time, to please consider writing an honest review on Amazon. Takes just a few moments and it will really help out a lot!

And of course, if you haven’t gotten them yet, they’re both on sale for less than 9 dollars. 🙂
Pick them up for holiday reading!

What The Church Won’t Talk About

The Christianese Dating Culture

Thank you and love y’all. Be blessed!

– J.S.

Question: How Do I Fall In Love With God?

Anonymous asked:
What are ways to fall in love with God? I find myself trying so hard to find his ways attractive, to want to love him, but sometimes I will realize I have gone without even thinking or caring about him, or choosing sin. And that makes it seem like we don’t have a relationship, and that seems wrong. I don’t think I’m not saved, but I just don’t know how to get more serious about him. I want to want his ways, but when it gets tough it seems like I must not want it enough to stick it through.

It’s first of all very awesome that you’re asking, since most people fall “out of love” with God and immediately run to anything else but Him. Sort of like running from the doctor when you’ve been diagnosed with treatable cancer. But you may also be taking it really hard on yourself when not-feeling-God is actually part of the growing process with Him.

If you have an “off day” and beat yourself up over your apparent lack of faith, that’s the same as feeling stupid about feeling stupid. It’s an endless pity party and doesn’t help. It’s really okay to tell God, “I don’t feel you right now, I don’t want you right now, I don’t know what to do from here.” He can handle that, you know.

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Question: Spiritually Immature, Or Sick?

brianli asked:
Hey there, I’ve been following your blog as well as your tumblr for a while now and I just wanted to pass on some encouragement as well a ask a question that has been on my mind recently. I’ve heard the term “spiritual maturity” or even simply “oh I have/haven’t been doing well spiritually” and I was just wondering, what constitutes or defines whether someone is spiritually mature or whether they’re doing well spiritually? It’s gotta be more than an emotional thing, right?

I’m digging the idea of the Christian faith being susceptible to spiritual allergies, as if some days we can feel congested (I missed my QT) or we can’t stop sneezing (I cursed out my grandmother). But I don’t think spiritual maturity has anything to do with the strange claim of “I haven’t been doing well spiritually.”

So a little theology lesson: James 1, 1 Corinthians 3, 13, and Hebrews 5 all mention the actual definition of a legit mature Christian. You’ll notice that emotions don’t have much to do it with it, if at all. James talks about how we consider our trials, the Greek work hegeomai, which means to reason out or carefully deduce. Paul talks about infants drinking spiritual milk because they are still in love with the world, and later in 1 Corinthians 13, the famous love chapter, Paul says to put childish ways behind you. Hebrews 5 says spiritual solid food helps us to discern between good and evil.

There are other passages about maturity, but they all have one thing in common: they are more about the attitudes of our heart than what we say, do, or feel. And from the position of our heart comes the saying, the doing, the feeling. Christian maturity is a growing process of habits, obedience, experiences, biblical learning, accountability, and church involvement that accumulate over time and tough seasons, which result in a continually changed heart. Think of the four seeds, the Parable of the Sower, and while some say the seeds represent different types of people, it could also be the stages of one person’s spiritual journey.

When someone says, “I’m not doing well spiritually,” I understand what they mean — they haven’t been reading their Bible lately, they’re not connecting in worship service, they watched Jersey Shore and liked it — but that’s usually a cop-out for lukewarmness.

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