Secular Vs. Spiritual: How Do I Glorify God At My Desk Job? Part 2

A four part series on connecting Christ with your career, and how he owns it.
1) Restorative2) Creative — 3) Narrative — 4) Connective

Is being a pastor or missionary the only “real work” for God?

The church has missed sorely on exhorting believers to faithful living in their careers, instead lifting “ministry” as a first class calling and degrading a full-time job as bottom-of-the-barrel drudgery. This sort of false divide creates unnecessary tension for those desiring to “work for God,” thinking we can only do so through seminary or your Church Membership class.

We do a great disservice to artists, doctors, musicians, writers, and all the sciences when we relegate them to a dustbin of irredeemable secular scraps.

Here will be four biblical principles derived from the Books of Nehemiah, Daniel, and other places that outline how our individual vocations honor God. The first was Restorative. The second is Creative. The others will be in upcoming posts.

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Leaving Church?

With all the surveys and research and anecdotes about people leaving the church, I wonder if something else is happening.

I wonder if stronger churches are thinning out the nominal, non-committed, window-shopping church-hoppers.  Maybe visitors are facing a rebirth of solid doctrine and unashamed gospel preaching and finally hearing what the Bible is really about.

The name Christian could be going under serious reconstruction. 

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