Condemning Hate Is Not Enough

Condemning hate isn’t enough. That’s the bare minimum. We also need solidarity. Compassion. Calling out. Standing with. Fighting for. Ground level work. Sleeves up. In the dirt. There’s the difficult brutal unpopular risk of getting on the right side of history. In the home. Out there. Over fences, across oceans. Side by side when it isn’t pretty, when no one’s looking, when everyone is, when the wounded lean heavily on our shoulders, when no one cares. That’s the stuff that changes where we’re going.


Obeying The Grace of God: He Commands You To Have Fun, Dang It

If you’re repenting from sin, that’s all you’re doing: running from it.

Suddenly you have a lot of idle free time and you’re not sure what to do.

How about run back to that sin?

Because that’s what most people do. They don’t know what else to do.

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