My Newest Book: The Life of King David

Hello wonderful friends! I’m excited to announce my newest book, The Life of King David: From Stone Slinger to Royal Sinner

This is a literary dynamic journey of David, from an unknown nobody to overnight celebrity, to his dark side as a chronic doubter and a royal sinner, and how his life ultimately points to Christ. It’s in a devotional style written for those who feel a bit intimidated by the Old Testament and have always wanted to get in-depth on David. Each chapter is wrapped in theology, philosophy, psychology, application, and the genre thrill of narrative. In discovering David’s story, we find our own.

It’s in paperback here and ebook here. The Preface is here or you can preview the book on Amazon. The rest of my books are here.

Be blessed and love y’all! — J.S.


Never Not Faithful: Sermon Series Through Daniel

A sermon series through one of my favorite books, Daniel!

It’s now completely posted with Part Five!

Daniel and the King’s Meat – Super Vs. Natural

Daniel 1. Choosing God when it’s tough. 1 of 5. “The Gateway Drug Theory, the But Vs. So-Then Christian, what Lecrae said about Jesus the Rebel, and lessons from Angels In The Outfield.” August 19th, 2011.

Daniel and the King’s Dream – God Is The Intervention

Daniel 2. God’s working hand as we work through Him. 2 of 5. “How to properly spot the bench press, The Unreasonable Demands, when to Act and when to Ask God, and the Greatest Intervention.” August 29th, 2011

Daniel’s Three Friends – Who Do Your Work For? I Work For God

Daniel 3. Faith in the fire. 3 of 5. “When the Real You comes screaming out of your civilized mask, the toys versus the fire in Toy Story 3, and having an Even-If Faith because we have an Even-If God.” Sept. 2nd, 2011

Daniel and the Two Kings – Good Pride, Bad Pride

Daniel 4-5. Losing control is a good thing. 4 of 5. “The Messy Unnecessary Argument, turning into a cow when you’re having a cow, and the future version of yourself warning you today.” September 16th, 2011.

Daniel and The Lion’s Den – Power In The Pit

Daniel 6. What to do with opposition. 5 of 5. “When to roll hard against some clowns, the story of Jesus found in Daniel, the crazy lady screaming at prayer group, and how God flexes His fruits in opposition.” January 13th, 2012