Book Review: Gospel

By J.D. Greear

If you were to distill the most critical elements of the Bible into a razor-sharp work, you’d end up with J.D. Greear’s Gospel. Without venturing into Old Testament prophecy, metanarrative, the temple sacrifice system, the Mosaic Law, or even much of Jesus’ life story, author J.D. Greear presents the Good News of Jesus Christ for the back row churchgoer in the everyday walk with God. Where so many works like this come across as polished, academic, irrelevant minutiae, Greear brings it down to the dynamics of our relationship with Christ.

Much of Gospel is unoriginal, and J.D. Greear proudly claims so. Often written like a Greatest Hits Album from a cross-section of the best preachers today, Gospel works largely because of its sincerity and straightforward simplicity. It’s like a quadruple espresso shot of Bible truth aiming for the heart of the matter: namely, your heart. It will especially revive those who are frustrated or flailing in their Christian walk.

With endorsements by Tim Keller, Matt Chandler, David Platt, Albert Mohler, Daniel Akin, Johnny Hunt, and Steven Furtick, the book had a lot to live up to. And it does. It’s an instant classic, not because it has anything new to say, but because it says it so well. It’s almost like a contemporized work by John Stott or C.S. Lewis made for the modern Christian.

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