Question: The Cure To Lukewarm Is Doing More?

Anonymous asked:
Can you tell me more about being a lukewarm christian? I know it’s not prioritizing God as one should, but whenever I hear others talk about it, it seems like they’re saying that one has to do works to get to heaven and believing isn’t enough. I thought all one had to do was believe Jesus Christ is their savior? I’m not saying this so I can be lazy about my faith, I am just curious and a little nervous. Thanks! Have a great day. 🙂

So there are two discussions here.  The first is the good old-fashioned battle of Faith versus Works, where Christians unwittingly pit one against the other.  I believe it’s a hot issue again since the “I Hate Religion” video, but the answer has always been the same.  It’s never faith versus works, but as I’ve said before, true faith is a faith that works.  James 2 says it all. 

Some of us get confused by Ephesians 2:8-9, where it appears we only need faith, but we forget to read verse ten (and the rest of Ephesians).  Of course works by themselves do not save us, or else we’ve hit Pharisee-land, but you know the rest: works must flow from the wellspring of true belief.

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