“Sex and the Romantic Solution” by Timothy Keller

This is an absolutely brilliant sermon by Timothy Keller called “Sex and the Romantic Solution,” in which Pastor Tim does a cultural breakdown of popular love songs and Hollywood romance from decades past and recent, including Bruno Mars and Bridget Jones’ Diary, and talks about the painful quest of the human heart for romantic love.  He makes a case for exclusive sexual love and how Christianity offers the best possible way for romance.

Pastor Tim Keller has had a huge impact my own faith and writing, and was threaded throughout my recent book on dating (I quoted him 7 times, and his influence, also my influence, C.S. Lewis, 8 times).  This is worth the entire 27 minutes; there’s both great humor and cutting insight.


Breaking Free of the Idols That Break Us

Hello beloved friends!

This is the seventh and final part of a sermon series called “The Life of King David: From Stone-Slinger to Royal Sinner.”

The message is titled: Breaking Free of the Idols That Break Us.

It’s about finding freedom from the unhealthy attachments that hurt us, including a breakdown of false solutions and the process of true victory.

Stream here or download here!

Some things I talk about are: The unfortunate trashy creepiness of singing competitions, when Asians hate other Asians of a different Asian nation, Four Types of Idols that enslave us, when I find out someone doesn’t like me, that moment the preacher tells you to throw away all your stuff, and the only true heart surgery that breaks free of addiction into victory.

Be blessed and love y’all!

— J