My Dog Presents: My Human’s Books

Rosco books SM 2

From my dog Rosco:

My human has written some books. They’re less than ten dollars and will be good gifts for other humans. Please check out my butler’s books on the Amazon. I must return now to my life of demanding back-scratches and being spoiled. Wait, I didn’t write that last part. Bad human.

— Rosco (and J.S.)


Grinches, Scrooges, and Cranky Souls: Christmas Is For You, Too

I know that for many of us, the Christmas season is a painful time because of the contrast between festive celebration and your own history.

It could’ve been around this time that there was a family death or your own family is pretty dysfunctional. Or it could just be you dislike the whole affair. The last thing you want to do is egg nog, mistletoes, and holiday radio.

But that’s okay.

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