The Top Twelve Posts of 2012

From porn to evolution to flirting to neo-feminism, here are the Top Twelve Posts on this blog for the year.

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Question: God Made The World in 7 Days — Like No Way

Anonymous asked:
My brother said the world wasnt made in 7 days and the bible is wrong. I thought Gods word was always right. What should I believe?

You know, when the Bible says things like “You’re a sinner” and “God is awesomer than you,” naturally people will find other verses in the Bible to pick apart so they can conclude the Bible is entirely wrong.  As a wise man once said, we try to find contradictions in the Bible because the Bible contradicts us.

Having said that, not everyone is in agreement about the word “day” used in Genesis 1 (the Hebrew word yom). It could mean a literal 24-hour period, or it could mean a period of time.  

There’s also the sticky issue of the lineage in the Bible: if we went off that, then biblically the earth should be about 6000 years old. That’s the whole Young-Earth View, which conflicts with carbon-dating (which has problems of its own).

So let’s look at all the possible views that fit or don’t fit the Bible, and you can think through them for yourself.

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