I Think I Hurt Someone: How Do I Clear the Air?

purposedinthecosmos asked a question:

Sometimes we do good things that people may perceive as bad especially if they don’t know the heart behind our actions. Is it necessary to clear that up? Also how can you not be hurt by the way people (think) you treated them or who they (think) you are?

Hey dear friend. I would validate what the other person says with as much reverence as you can.

If someone thinks you have harmed them, even if you have tried to help them, I would consider taking them seriously and being open to hearing them out.

If a person says, “You hurt me,” they are saying it for a reason. It might not always be the best reason, but that’s why a discussion needs to be had.

It’ll be messy and sloppy and full of embarrassing cringe, especially if this is between friends, but that’s how friendship goes. Friendship isn’t all fun and games, but requires the weird work of meeting in the middle between two different wills.

On one hand, what someone feels might not be the best reflection of what is truly happening. On the other hand, I would never want to outright dismiss a person’s pain, regardless of what I might think about it.

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Prioritizing Your Outrage – Overcoming Anger

Hello lovely friends!

This is a sermon I preached recently at one of my favorite churches about overcoming our anger.  The text is Ephesians 4 and Philippians 2.

Some things I talk about are: Yelling at old people in traffic, Jesus flipping tables at a megachurch, airlifting spoiled kids to Somalia, and how to instantly stop lust.

You can download directly here, or check it out on iTunes. You can also stream it here on my Tumblr.

It’s a free download, so stuff it in your iPod for your car ride or work-out!

Love y’all! — J