From Mountain High to Valley Low: Finding an Oasis in the Darkest Desert

Photo by Lenny K, CC BY 2.0

Hello dear friends! This is a message I preached called, From Mountain High to Valley Low: Finding an Oasis in the Darkest Desert, on the story of Elijah from 1 Kings 18-19.

It’s about finding our way through discouragement, distress, and depression, and how God speaks to us in those seasons and how we speak to one another. As a lifelong sufferer of depression, this is hugely personal for me. Stream below or download directly here. I’m also on iTunes here.

Some things I talk about are: The sudden mental replay in the shower and the late-night regret twitch, the one common denial from every patient in the hospital, when you just need a hamburger and a really long nap, the hidden fear of men getting honest, the panic moment when someone sees your text messages and photos, how Yoda finally got through to Luke Skywalker, and Elijah versus depression versus the world.

All messages are here. Be immensely blessed and love y’all!

Keeping Faith In Our Crazy Up-And-Down-Ness

This is a sermon I preached recently at a very lively church about the crazy up-and-down journey of our faith. The text is 1 Kings 18-19, about my favorite prophet Elijah.

Some things I talk about are: The time I tried out for a Nickelodeon TV show, feeling forced to say ‘Praise God’ to keep up the Christianese, the first step to quitting porn, and the best wedding kiss of all time.

You can stream it on my Tumblr here.

You can also check it out on iTunes or download it directly here.

Love y’all!
— J