“Give Up the Gimmicks, Youth Pastors”

An article about youth ministry by Brian Cosby at The Gospel Coalition.


“All too often, youth programs have turned to entertainment-driven models of ministry in order to bring in youth. Success has become the name of the church-growth game. The devastating effects, however, are not only seen in the number of youth leaving the church after high school, but also in a spiritually and theologically shallow worldview among many American teenagers. The irony is that these same teens actually want to grow and learn hard truths. They want to know how to think about suffering, how to pray, and why Jesus had to die.

If there’s anything a youth pastor knows—even after only a few months in ministry—it’s that fatigue and feelings of burnout come with the task. The constant pressure from parents, youth, church leadership, the senior pastor, and even his own family can wear a minister out very quickly.”

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Leaving Church?

With all the surveys and research and anecdotes about people leaving the church, I wonder if something else is happening.

I wonder if stronger churches are thinning out the nominal, non-committed, window-shopping church-hoppers.  Maybe visitors are facing a rebirth of solid doctrine and unashamed gospel preaching and finally hearing what the Bible is really about.

The name Christian could be going under serious reconstruction. 

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