My Book on Fighting Depression Is On Sale for 1.99

Hey friends, I’m still on hiatus but for my birthday today, my book on fighting depression, How Hard It Really Is, is on sale for only 1.99. From a painstaking year and a half of research, interviews, and surveys, take a journey with me through managing mental illness and navigating the surprising truths and myths about depression.

The paperback is also only 8.99 here:

For my quick video on depression:


New E-Book on Quitting Porn

Cutting It Off

Here’s my newest book on breaking porn addiction!

This is a very short e-book about how I overcame a fifteen year porn addiction. I’ve now been sober for over three. Whether you’re helping a friend or struggling yourself, regardless of gender or faith, this is how to quit porn: not just for weeks at a time, but for good.

Only $2.99! And you won’t need a Kindle, it works on everything.
Be blessed and love y’all!
— J.S.