Foreword to My Newest Book, by T.B. LaBerge

Grace Be With You Foreword TB LaBerge

My very good friend and blogger T.B. LaBerge wrote the Foreword to my newest book, Grace Be With You.

The book is a collection of short stories, poems, and thoughts, many of which you’ve seen here on this blog.
It’s available now in paperback and ebook!

Does God Use Pain “For My Good”? Does Everything Happen For a Reason?

Is suffering a “part of God’s Plan”? Does God use trials to teach us a lesson? Does everything really happen for a reason?

A hard look at the Problem of God vs. Suffering, and why easy answers won’t work in the middle of the mess.

Get my book on persevering through trials & suffering, Mad About God.

— J.S.

Trailer Video for “What The Church Won’t Talk About”

A trailer for my book, What The Church Won’t Talk About.

The paperback is here and the ebook is here. The revised edition is here and its ebook here.

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— J.S.

Thank you, Rachel Denk!

Very thankful for Rachel Denk’s wonderful review of my latest book, Mad About God.

An excerpt from her review:

“How many times do you feel like you have to be ‘in the right mindset’ or at a ‘good place’ with God in order to come before Him? Don’t you ever feel like you’ve been told since God is almighty and righteous that we have no right to be upset or angry with Him? And when we can’t suppress pain, anger, or bitterness, all of that is somehow transformed into guilt.

“… J.S. Park beautifully deconstructs all of these notions that have been drilled into us for far too long. And guess what? It’s okay to be upset. It’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to doubt. It’s okay to not understand why things happen and question God.

“J.S. asks the hard questions. He prompts the difficult ideas. He opens the can of worms that may never truly be shut. My favorite passages from the book include Hijacking And Reclaiming Jeremiah 29:11, Our Hollywood Craze To Live An Epic Life, and The Problem With Job: As We Bleed, We Find Our Deepest Need. Sound intriguing just from the titles? You better believe it. These passages floored me – I often caught myself reading this and thinking how someone seemed to understand this little aspect of my heart and soul that had been secretly struggling for so long.”

Thank you dear friends!

Instagram books 3

Thank you dear friends for picking up the book and praying it totally rocks you with His wonderful grace!

My books are here:

– What The Church Won’t Talk About

– The Christianese Dating Culture

– Cutting If Off: Breaking Porn Addiction

Be blessed and love y’all!

— J.S.

My Books Are All In Paperback!

All three of my books are now available in paperback!

If you’ve been blessed by the books, please consider leaving a review on Amazon.

Happy New Year, dear friends!

– What The Church Won’t Talk About

– The Christianese Dating Culture

– Cutting If Off: Breaking Porn Addiction

— J.S.

All My Books Now In Paperback!

All three of my books are now available in paperback!

If you’ve been blessed by the books, please consider leaving a review on Amazon.
Happy Day After Christmas, dear friends!

– What The Church Won’t Talk About

– The Christianese Dating Culture

– Cutting If Off: Breaking Porn Addiction

— J.S.

Be Rocked By Grace, Dear Friends

Instagram books 2

Love y’all and may you be totally rocked by His wonderful wild grace!

My books are on Amazon for less than nine dollars and the e-books are four!

What The Church Won’t Talk About

The Christianese Dating Culture

– J.S.

The Theology of Taylor Swift

Tayloy Swift dating book

So I talked about the theology of Taylor Swift in my book on dating, and now Amazon is linking her new album with my book. I found this hilarious and awesome.


Purchase my book on taboo topics in the church here!

Purchase my new book on love, sex, and dating here!

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My E-Book Is Releasing September 29th Monday!

Hello dear wonderful friends!

My e-book will be released this coming Monday, September 29th!

It’s called What The Church Won’t Talk About: Real Questions From Real People About Raw, Gritty, Everyday Faith.

Here’s the book description:

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One Of The Test Covers To My E-Book

My awesome friend Rob made three beautiful book covers for my upcoming e-book, and this is one of them.  It won’t be the final cover, but it was very, very hard not to pick this one.  I still wanted to share it with our beloved blog community.

Look for the book coming soon to Amazon!

Be blessed and love y’all. 🙂

— J.S.

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Book Review: Heroes and Monsters

Josh Riebock writes an incredibly honest, gripping autobiography (the best kind, of course) about his struggles as both a Christian and a human being. If you combine Donald Miller, Chuck Palahniuk, and J.D. Salinger, then here’s the wild creation that bursts forth.

I first heard of Josh Riebock through a quote on Tumblr that went viral, and then I saw that Riebock had written a book. Honestly, my ethnic prejudice thought it would just be another white guy complaining about his first-world-woes and I’m-so-mad-at-church-culture-and-my-daddy, but from the first few pages, I was swept up into a very broken, human story that’s sort of the untold jagged thread in all of us.

From insecurity to grief to rage to love to hatred, Riebock carries you into his struggle and doesn’t hold back on his craziness. It’s everything about you that you wanted to say in church and to your best friend, but were too dang afraid to be that vulnerable.

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Christian Books For The Rookies And Veterans

By request: here is a three-year reading plan of the Best Christian Books categorized for rookies, veterans, and burn-outs. You can stretch it to the rest of your life if you so choose.

I promise I’ve only recommended books that I have finished by at least 90% (by reading or audio), which means the list will be limited but at least personally experienced.

This list will change over time. I’ll be sure to edit and re-post!
**Last updated 5-5-2018**

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Free Giveaway! Ravi Zacharias’ Why Jesus

**This giveaway ended on February 1st! More giveaways coming soon!

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“Captivating Jewel”

Pastor Joshua Harris quoted my review of his book Dug Down Deep!

Check it out here.

My original review here.

Thank you Pastor Josh!

Book Review: Redemption

By Mike Wilkerson

Absolutely one of the best books on grounding your identity in Christ beyond the troubles and treason of the past, Mike Wilkerson has written a theologically sound work with painful true stories and great application. It’s a masterwork on freedom from idolatrous destruction. His comprehensive overview of freedom from idolatry is for every manner of spiritual stigma, whether it be suffering from sexual abuse, substance addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or self-harm. It’s a sobering work that is at once gentle and aggressive. Wilkerson also paints a big picture of the Bible that creates a big picture for us in God’s story.

The most effective parts of Mike Wilkerson’s work is the continual gutting of all excuses and rationalizations. In his lifetime of gritty ministry he has seen and heard it all, and the prominent problem is our belief in The Lie. Wilkerson kills lies like a sniper. The best a book such as this can do is talk to you, and I found many lies in my own life that I had to rip out from the roots.

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Book Review: Generous Justice

Generous Justice
by Timothy Keller

Christians have some dirty words burned in their collective conscience that conjure up liberal danger: psychology, anthropomorphic, emergent, and of course, social justice. Dr. Timothy Keller unpacks the Christian duty to do justice in the world, including the reasons, motive, how-to, pitfalls, and results. It’s a daunting task that Dr. Keller tackles as easily as the alphabet. In both idealistic and realistic sweeps, the book paints a picture of restoration that the Gospel demands from every follower of Christ. It is a sensitive work without being preachy, an honest look that is not naive. Your safety zone will be challenged.

At some point in recent church history, it was deemed that social justice was a liberal cause void of eternal purpose. We can’t change the world, it was said, so let’s focus on ourselves. There was a prevalent fear that soup kitchens and thrift stores were replacing evangelism, that at the cost of the Gospel we were building temporary houses. It’s a valid fear, but Dr. Keller dispels the notion that both concerns must be exclusive. It is the outworking of our faith through justice that would call others to Jesus’ grace. It is also Jesus’ grace that compels us to do justice.

It sounds simple until we face the dizzying factors of our generation: every social disadvantage feeds into each other until entire groups are fundamentally crippled. Poverty affects literacy which affects job opportunities which leads to crime which ripples through city structures which keeps collapsing in on itself in a vicious cycle. It’s easy to throw our hands up and stick to preaching and teaching. But as Dr. Keller shows over and over, God cares a great deal for the poor, the orphan, the widow, the immigrant, the disadvantaged. Biblically, not caring for them is the same as injustice. Dr. Keller paves a familiar yet convicting groundwork on why and how we should go about real justice. Asides from the moral discussion, he also provides practical steps that will get you to your feet rolling up your sleeves.

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