B90X – 90 Day Bible Challenge



I started the 90 Day Bible Challenge, also called B90X, about two weeks ago.  I’ve actually done it once before and it was awesome: you can definitely see the huge narrative scope of the Bible.

If you want to try the B90X, click here to download from Dropbox!

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— J

New Year’s Resolution: Bible Reading Plans

Ready to finish the Bible or read it again this year?

Here’s a great blog post for Bible reading plans by Justin Taylor of the Gospel Coalition.
*Update: Here’s his new article for 2013.

I also have the One Year Plan and the B90X 90 Day Plan on file.
Click here for the One Year Plan.
I did the 90 Day Plan in 104 days.
Click here for the 90 Day Plan.

I’m currently reading the One Year Bible NLT (New Living Translation) at a rate of about two entries per day. It’ll be my third time through the Bible, and then I plan to read The Books of the Bible by Biblica, which has no chapter or verse numbers.

It’s never too late to start!

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