There is only one God. He exists in three persons: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
He created the universe, sustains it, and wants a relationship with His creation called man.
Though man was made in God’s image, he has since become dislocated from God due to sin.
Sin is the anti-God state that has infinitely separated us from the all-holy God.

The Word of God is inerrant and the ultimate authority.
It is divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit and a special revelation of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came from Heaven to earth, sinless and born of a virgin, to absorb the wrath upon our sin on the cross. In his lifetime he performed a vast amount of incredible miracles that showed a future glimpse of the kingdom of Heaven. Jesus rose from the dead as he said he would, displaying victory over sin, death, and Satan.

Jesus’ ministry continues through the Holy Spirit, the very Spirit of God, which indwells believers.

By faith in the work on the cross and repentance (turning away) of our sins, the Holy Spirit permanently indwells us for our sanctification, which is the renewal towards God’s righteousness by the Spirit. By that same faith alone, we avert our deserved penalty of Hell and instead receive eternal life with God in Heaven.
We’re to share the Gospel to bring along as many as we can.

Jesus will one day return in glory to carry up his children to Heaven, where we will be bodily renewed.
There will be a new Heavens and a new earth, all of creation redeemed and restored.

— J.S.


20 thoughts on “Beliefs.

  1. This is when God uses people like you to speak of finding the truth with Jesus. Thank you for following what he called you to do and share your story with us, from a non-believer to a complete believer and following his path. We are humans and perfect we will never be so this is why Jesus came for us cleanse us and give us eternal life through him. How loved are we by God that he gave his only son so we can be cleared of our sins and have hope. I am still in my journey of finding and knowing the Lord and remembering the phrase “Let go and let God! For we really have no control and when we trust God he will not leave us and will guide us. Faith is scary for the idea of completely surrendering is hard especially when you have control issues. Thank you for sharing that part of the doubt and to be honest I was first judgemental then I kept reading on with your message and I am glad I did.


    1. I agree, to completely surrender all to God is hard but worthwhile. He does honor our commitment and it does pay in the long run. We have a loving God, our Abba Father, who has our back at all times even when you think He is miles away. He loves us and He wants us to love Him back no strings attached>


  2. I believe too. Got chills thinking about the last sentence…just think NO MORE CURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Gone is the curse from which I stumbled and fell…evil has vanished into eternal hell…”


  3. Unlimited creative power rules our lives, with unlimited wisdom and benevolence. Truth. What Jesus was saying — not what people have been saying, instead, about that mythical “Lord, Lord” person of the same name.

    All the other things you evidently think you need to believe, in order to see that… are just hearsay and irrelevant at best.

    But since God remains available, to tell and show you anything you truly need to know… to provide your daily bread and your daily insight… all that — Stuff! — should sort itself out, over time.

    I’ve known Buddhists who figured God’s name was “Buddha”. Since that personality, too, was available for further clarification, any problems that remain should likewise work out just fine.

    At Pendle Hill, the rule was: “Say what you know in the religious language that works for you. Try to understand other people’s meanings rather than what they literally say.” Thereby bypassing much of the ‘curse of Babel’….

    Hmmm. You might like

    Peace, I hope.


  4. Pastor Park, i recently read your story on ODW’s site and was really humbled and encouraged to walk the talk. i’m most definitely a struggling Christian and as much as i love and adore Jesus, i’m sure my behavior makes him sad every day. i’m not a “bad” person but there are so many worldly things that i can’t seem to give up. but i love that there are Christians like you who keep it real and don’t fluff faith. i turned away from God a while ago because i was so jaded by fake/hypocritical Christians but since i’ve recommitted my life to Him, it helps me realize that i’m just as wretched as the Christian hypocrites that i can’t stand. so God bless you for being honest and upfront about your faith and doubts. i wish you all that is good in Him for all your future endeavors.


    1. Thank you so much for your honesty and your kind words. I believe most Christians go through those struggles daily, even hourly. I don’t know many people who can just talk about it. So I really appreciate you saying it how it is, which is how I hope it will be in our churches too. God bless, sister. — J


  5. Belief is strange. A couple years ago I would have wholeheartedly agreed with these statements. But I am not that person anymore. I worked for a Christian School for 12 years and quit over their “Statement of Faith”… often these are simply statements of intended indoctrination. I do however, value them because at least I know exactly what your agenda is. I just finished Frank Schaeffer’s book,” Why I am an atheist who believes in God” , he sums up my disillusionment perfectly. I am enjoying your talks, and I look forward to seeing the world through your eyes. I will be following from a distance…


    1. Thank you for sharing and for your candid honesty. I can understand the disillusionment; many days, I’m still there. Hope to see you around with questions and insight and challenges and all the fun stuff we bloggers do.

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