Book Review: Overrated by Eugene Cho

Overrated by Eugene Cho Summary: Eugene Cho, founder of charity One Day’s Wages and lead pastor of Quest Church in Seattle, writes an honest, searing book about the popular issue of social justice, and how it’s not just a popular issue. Pastor Eugene gets deep into the hands-on grittiness of doing justice that lasts beyond … Continue reading Book Review: Overrated by Eugene Cho

Book Review: Heroes and Monsters

Heroes and Monsters by Josh Riebock Summary: Josh Riebock writes an incredibly honest, gripping autobiography (the best kind, of course) about his struggles as both a Christian and a human being. If you combine Donald Miller, Chuck Palahniuk, and J.D. Salinger, then here’s the wild creation that bursts forth. Strengths: I first heard of Josh … Continue reading Book Review: Heroes and Monsters

Book Review: Disciple

Disciple By Bill Clem Summary: Pastor Bill Clem of Mars Hill Church writes a work on defining a disciple of Jesus Christ, an ultimately disappointing book that is far too American and seldom convicting. While there are brilliant sections strewn throughout, the book is neither groundbreaking nor wholly biblical. A missed opportunity for a much … Continue reading Book Review: Disciple

Book Review: Generous Justice

Generous Justice by Timothy Keller Summary: Christians have some dirty words burned in their collective conscience that conjure up liberal danger: psychology, anthropomorphic, emergent, and of course, social justice. Dr. Timothy Keller unpacks the Christian duty to do justice in the world, including the reasons, motive, how-to, pitfalls, and results. It’s a daunting task that … Continue reading Book Review: Generous Justice

Book Review: Counterfeit Gods

Counterfeit Gods By Timothy Keller Summary: My growing interest in Dr. Timothy Keller’s work continues with his short and fulfilling book on the poison of idolatry. Using vignettes from the Bible such as King Nebuchadnezzar to outcasts like Leah to the misunderstood narrative of Abraham and Isaac, we’re shown the dangerous power of modern day … Continue reading Book Review: Counterfeit Gods