Calling All Parents

Calling all parents! (And people with parents!)

What is one piece of helpful parenting advice for soon-to-be parents? Or something you learned from your own parents parenting?

(I said parents a lot just now. We’re expecting any day!)

Thank you, friends. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Calling All Parents

  1. First children are often neurotic because their parents expect too much of them — thinking they will become president of the United States and silly dreams like this. (I did this.) My mom compared me (i am the oldest) with other children and was disappointed with me from the start. Each child is individually created by God. They are a treasure just the way they are.

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  2. Do NOT buy so much stuff!!! I’m decluttering our home as empty nester… and I plead with you, do not neglect the purging of things as you and your children grow and change. You will majorly thank your 51 year old self!

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  3. Be there. We attended all their concerts and programmes and parades and competitions and school trips. It was a “sacrifice” we would not undo. We made a vow that one of us would be there to send them to school and one of us would be at home when they returned. Even as grown-ups now they like to have us in their lives. For that we can praise God!

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  4. Hold the baby, Rest with the baby, talk to each other (mom and dad).
    Time flies by so fast, let every moment count. And when things start to get challenging, remember that everything is temporary.

    Congrats in advance!

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  5. Letting them know you’ll love them no matter what. Letting them fail and not doing too much for them when they are young, so they can grow into self sufficient human beings.


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