Interviewed by Jordan Raynor

Hey friends! I was interviewed by Jordan Raynor on his podcast The Call to Mastery. We talk about grief, false theology, my very tough work as a hospital chaplain, and my book The Voices We Carry.

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Jordan Raynor is bestselling author of Called to Create and Master of One. You can follow him here:

One thought on “Interviewed by Jordan Raynor

  1. I just finished up this podcast interview with Jordan! I enjoyed hearing about you in the different points that your conversation drew out. I could hear the “Happy Birthday” before you announced what it was (couldn’t believe Jordan didn’t get it!!!!) but yes what a great illustration about how other people may not either just because we do. I have other thoughts but the main one I wanted to ask was about the CPE. I’m prior service military and I have military chaplain friends one of which has done the CPE and said it was so informative in his development as a person and a leader as he also does chaplaincy in the hospital setting. I loved your explaination about what it is aht you do and your view of your role as a person that is there and available for those that find themselves in the hospital, even for end of life care. How could I learn more about looking into this? I was already considering seminary and I have a degree in counseling. I love learning about people’s lives and why they do what they do. We currently live in Korea (Daegu) and my husband is currently an atheist. ❤️

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