The Language of the Infidel: Saying “Enemy” & How It Almost Ended My Marriage

I meet many Christians who claim “persecution” any time someone disagrees with them. The words “enemy” and “worldly” are tossed around with glee.

There’s a troubling obsession with The Language of the Infidel: it’s intoxicating to think “God is on my side” and that anyone who disagrees is working for satan. Everyone is a “false teacher” including the church across the street, the pastors in a different denomination, and politicians across the aisle.

This sort of self-affirming theology can never admit it’s wrong and is always blaming the devil, demons, and warfare instead of examining itself. It fantasizes a phantom caricature of “haters” so that there never has to be accountability.

This sort of thinking can be expanded to Main Character Syndrome, in which I believe I am the hero of my own story and everyone else must be conquered or conform. This mentality almost destroyed my marriage. In my book, I talk about how my marriage was saved when I broke out of the idea that I was the hero.

Grab my book here: The Voices We Carry: Finding Your One True Voice in a World of Clamor and Noise

2 thoughts on “The Language of the Infidel: Saying “Enemy” & How It Almost Ended My Marriage

  1. This is so true! Perhaps a product of the TV era? Having an adversary enhances an otherwise boring life. I was just thinking of writing an article myself: Hate is a transitive verb: it always needs an object.
    I think you’ve nailed it, Pastor.

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    1. Absolutely I believe that. I cut some of the first half of this video where I talked about how “movie cliches” have given rise to people always wanting to “catch” someone. The hero instinct isn’t a bad thing, but it gets overblown and becomes harmful quickly.


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