I Messed Up. I Hugged Someone.

I messed up. I hugged someone. We’re supposed to practice social distancing, but my friend badly needed a hug. I know I shouldn’t have. I couldn’t help it.
— J.S.

4 thoughts on “I Messed Up. I Hugged Someone.

  1. I don’t consider that messing up. As far as I’m concerned, people who hurt need hugs. Ok, at the moment it’s kind of different, generally, but I still think that some situations are exceptions. If I was that person, I would far rather risk getting corona than know I have to grieve alone without hugs. I reckon you did the best thing. (also, I remember stories where the punchline is something like “distancing is in place to protect people, not people to protect the distancing” :p)

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  2. I hugged a friend the other day, momentarily forgetting social distancing. It was a hug given in joy, rather than grief. We have to journey on, make these kinds of mistakes, and remember we are doing our best given the new reality we live in. We’re only human. And by God’s grace, we still must love and give love to those in our families and communities. We are all dealing with loss, fear and grief right now. Be gentle with yourself.

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  3. Couldn’t view it on Instagram, so I don’t know if you said: did the friend want/mind the hug? Praying you are both safe and your families will be safe. Human touch is such an important thing for us. Withholding touch seems like such a punishment. I find that I am achy from the lack of touch. As a caregiver, it must seem so very abnormal to withhold touch. Prayers for peace.

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    1. Yes, he asked for the hug. I had half a moment’s hesitation before I gave in.
      It’s slowly getting better now, but I can’t undo that moment. Thank you for your prayers.


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